In December 2016, we completed an installation at ANZ Stadium in Sydney, replacing the bank of blast chillers that had been there since the 2000 Olympics. Replacement of Five Existing Roll-In Blast Chillers Equipment Installed 5 Units of AFINOX Infinity 40T (7.5Hp) All-In-One Blast Chiller/Freezers Blast Chilling Yield: 200kg Shock Freezing Yield: 175kg Cycles: Blast […]

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The Importance of Engaging the Right People with the Right Equipment

I had a new customer contact me last week, as they are experiencing issues with the freezing of their products in their large food production kitchen, and a sub-standard quality once thawed and regenerated for consumption by their customers. It became very clear early in our conversation that Blast Freezing was not something they had previously explored, and […]

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