Able Products is excited to introduce the full range of Afinox Blast Chillers & Blast Freezers. These specialist products are designed to meet all your catering needs. As a result, they allow you to freeze hot and cold foods quickly and safely. Further, Afinox’s patented freezing method allows you to lengthen the life of food by countering the growth of bacteria and organisms. Finally, the speed of freezing prevents the formation of ice crystals. These are known to be indicators of poor freshness and poor conservation.

As a specialist manufacturer, based in Italy, Afinox has a large selection of Blast Chillers & Blast Freezers, to suit any requirement and within your budget. Further, Afinox brand chillers and freezers are extremely efficient, saving you time and money.

For more information on the value of blast chillers and freezers in your workplace, check out our Blast Chilling Specialists page.

From small reach in units, to larger roll in models, to our larger tunnel and pass in systems, Able Products has the right model for you. We supply corner cafes, small restaurants, larger catering and food production facilities..

As Blast Chilling and Blast Freezing Specialists, we provide expert advice to food production companies of all sizes. We can help you choose the right Blast Chillers & Blast Freezers to benefit your business. Further, our range of Afinox products will save you time, energy and labour. It will also enhance the quality of the food product delivered to your customers.

Curious about what a blast chiller can do for your business? Contact us to discuss today.

Please see the full range of AFINOX Blast Chillers & Blast Freezers below. For prices please call and speak to one of our Blast Chilling specialists.

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