In December 2016, we completed an installation at ANZ Stadium in Sydney, replacing the bank of blast chillers that had been there since the 2000 Olympics.

Replacement of Five Existing Roll-In Blast Chillers

Equipment Installed

  • 5 Units of AFINOX Infinity 40T (7.5Hp) All-In-One Blast Chiller/Freezers
  • Blast Chilling Yield: 200kg
  • Shock Freezing Yield: 175kg
  • Cycles: Blast Chilling, Shock Freezing, Thawing, Proving, Slow Cooking, Regeneration & Preservation.


Touch Screen

Our Infinity range of AFINOX Blast Chiller/Freezers all operate via a 7” touch screen user interface, which is extremely user friendly. With icon driven controls, pre-programmed cycles by food type, ease to customise cycles to your needs, detailed HACCP Reporting and real time visual display of cooling cycles in progress, it delivers the most advanced functionality to AFINOX customers.

Infinity ‘ALL-IN-ONE’ Model

The Stadium opted for our INFINITY ALL-IN-ONE models, which are a very unique piece of commercial kitchen & catering equipment, capable of Blast Chilling, Shock Freezing, Low Temp Slow Cooking (Max 85°C), Proving, Thawing & Regeneration/Warming. This product has great potential to create time, energy, wastage & labour savings in kitchens of any size.

Check Out a Great Video on the Infinity All-In One on our YouTube Channel.

Pass-Through Version

The new AFINOX Blast Chiller/Freezers were supplied with pass through doors, to ensure hot/warm product enters the blast chiller from the kitchen side, and then once it has been blast chilled, it can be wheeled directly out of the cooling chamber into the coolroom.


  • Decommissioning, Dis-assembly & Removal of Existing Bank of Blast Chiller/Freezers
  • Chasing of Concrete Floor, and Re-Routing of Drains to suit AFINOX Blast Chiller/Freezers
  • Assembly & Installation of Five(5) AFINOX Blast Chiller/Freezer Cabinets
  • Commissioning of Units on R404A Refrigerant Gas
  • Comprehensive Testing of AFINOX Blast Chiller/Freezer Cabinets
  • Execution of All Chilling & Freezer Cycle’s
  • Examination & Checks of Refrigeration Systems whilst operational
  • Product Training Session for all Key Staff involved in the operation of the AFINOX Blast Chiller/Freezer’s

MEET……. Craig Veigel (Executive Sous Chef)

What made you choose AFINOX?

The ability to do more than just chill. The options to thaw and slow cook made sense to complement our existing equipment.

Also, the pricing offered was more than competitive with other brands on the market.

How have you found the AFINOX units compared with your previous blast chillers? 

More convenient as the trolleys from our new Rational oven are able to fit inside the cooling chamber.

We also have less down time as we’re able to utilise the blast chillers for their Thawing/defrost mode.

How do you feel to have assisted, pre-programmed cycles for each different food type to be processed in our AFINOX Blast Chiller/Freezers?

We are still learning the details of all of the programs provided in the machine and how they best fit our current processes, and suit our existing recipes.

How do you compare the advantages to use our AFINOX slow cooking system with a normal slow cooking process in a standard oven?

For i.e. reduction in weight loss? Less dry food and more taste?

At this stage, we have not done any significant testing of this process, however, from what I experienced at the Product Demonstration event in Melbourne, I was quite impressed with the results, and look forward to implementing this process in new recipes, as we draw them up.

How has having all the functionality that the All-In-One Model offers changed your approach to your food production? 

We are still in the early days with these units. The thawing process has been very handy, and a huge time saver. The other features are still to be thought how we can incorporate or change our current processes, which will be done as our vast library of recipes are revised.

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