Introducing the 40T Compact Blast Chiller & Shock Freezer, a Self Contained Roll-In unit

This unit is a PLUG’N’PLAY, requiring NO INSTALLATION, and comes as pictured from the factory, so you just need to position it, plug it in and turn it on..
There are NIL installation costs, with cabinet or any remote unit/pipework, saving customer time and money upfront..

In addition to this, the 40T COMPACT is easily relocatable. With a self-contained condensing unit, and no remote connections, this means that unlike other Roll-In Blast Chiller’s, it is a Non-Permanent Fixture, and can thus be easily transported and taken to new premises, as required, without any need for costly Disassembly & Decommissioning, and then reinstallation & recommissioning. You simply pick it up and take it with you..

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