Introducing the Infinity ALL-IN-ONE Range of AFINOX Blast Chiller & Shock Freezers, a very unique product, capable of Blast Chilling, Shock Freezing, Low Temp Slow Cooking (Max 85°C), Proving, Thawing & Regeneration/Warming.

This product will be revolutionary to the food-service industry, particularly in kitchens where catering for masses is performed.

Please see some of the product features listed below:

• Made in Italy
• 40°C Ambient Rating
• Stainless Steel Finish
• Cycles: Blast Chilling, Shock Freezing, Preservation, Low Temp Slow Cooking (Max 85°C), Proving, Thawing & Regeneration/Warming
o SRC System for Quick & Controlled Thawing Process
• Innovation and Efficiency
o Simple, clear and intuitive controls on 7” Touch Screen
o Real Time Visualisation of Cooling Chamber / Food During Cycle
o Pre-Programmed Cycles for Specific Product
 Software Available in ‘Gastronomy’ or ‘Patisserie’ Options, to suit customer’s exact needs
• Self-Checking System
• Ease of HACCP Reporting
• Time & Energy Savings
o Combination Cycles – no supervision required