I had a new customer contact me last week, as they are experiencing issues with the freezing of their products in their large food production kitchen, and a sub-standard quality once thawed and regenerated for consumption by their customers.

It became very clear early in our conversation that Blast Freezing was not something they had previously explored, and they are currently just ‘slow-freezing’ their product down in their existing walk-in freezer room.

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The main issues with their final product were:

  • Large crystallization of the moisture within the food product, which once regenerated leads to separation occurring, adversely affecting the taste
  • Inferior presentation of the regenerated product, as it was not holding it’s original shape & integrity

These issues can be directly attributed to the fact that their freezing process of their food product is too slow, and taking much too long, and by introducing a blast freezer into their processes, to rapidly freeze their product, it will single handedly eliminate these issues, and deliver a far superior quality product to their customers.

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Compared to a normal walk-in storage freezer room, a Blast Freezer is a piece of equipment that is specifically designed to rapidly chill the food, and extract the heat from it as efficiently as possible, all the while ensuring that the moisture and original organoleptic properties of the food are retained, including taste, texture, shape & appearance. 

Not content with just providing this customer with advice, we took a step further, by offering them an obligation free trial of our AFINOX Blast Freezers. This way they can trial the use of this equipment in their very own production kitchen, and can make accurate comparisons of the resulting product quality versus their current methods, to clearly display the benefits of Blast Chilling. 

By engaging the right people, that have the right equipment for the task required, not only has this customer has now been able to resolve all of the quality issues of their products, and deliver their customers a superior product, but they will also, by result of blast freezing, be able to offer a longer shelf life of their product as well, thus delivering less wastage and additional profit. 

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If you’re curious about how implementing a Blast Chiller & Shock Freezer into your food production facility can directly benefit your business, please get in touch with one of our Blast Chilling Experts today for a quick chat, or head to our website for more information.