Recently, I was interviewed by Kalon Huett, from the Hospitality Hub website, to discuss how Blast Chiller’s are perceived in the market, and how they have evolved over recent times:

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  1. Who uses blast chillers and has the market changed over the years?

In the past, blast chillers would’ve only been associated with large food manufacturers and hotels, but with improvements in technology, as well as enhanced & streamlined manufacturing methods, blast chillers are now readily available, and more importantly affordable, to food service businesses of all sizes, from small corner cafés to larger restaurants, right the way through to large volume catering businesses.

This diverse market has meant that the food-service industry now has access to a wide range of different models, to suit their requirements, from small under-counter and single phase powered units, to bigger reach in models, and then the larger roll-in models, to suit the kitchen’s oven trolleys.

Whatever a customer’s requirements, large or small, there is a model to suit.

  1. The importance placed on food safety and longevity in hospitality continues to grow – what role do blast chillers play in this evolution?

Blast Chillers are an essential part in any kitchen’s Food Safety Management, and/or HACCP Plan. Not only do Blast Chiller’s ensure that the customer’s food products are not at risk of bacteria proliferation, they also prolong the life of the product, reducing waste costs.

Food quality is also vastly improved, with the rapid chilling processing capturing & preserving the foods original organoleptic qualities, including its colour, moisture content, nutrients, and most importantly, it’s flavours. Regenerated food that has been blast chilled will taste like it’s just been freshly cooked.

Also, with the efficiencies and time savings created by a Blast Chiller, the chef can look to have a wider menu, and make savings on their ingredient purchases.

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  1. What does the future hold for blast chiller technology? What else can be achieved?

Although Blast Chilling is already becoming quite prevalent in all size food service establishments, new technology is already here, with the launch of ALL-IN-ONE units, which are capable of not only Blast Chilling & Shock Freezing, but also Prooving(for creating bread’s & pastries), Slow Cooking & Regeneration.

This means that customers can get a much higher return on investment, but utilising their blast chiller for many different cycles. They can also create massive efficiencies and time & energy savings, by setting the machine to run different cycles concurrently, with no staff supervision required. They can work 24/7, all the while ensuring maximum food safety and quality is retained.

With the appropriate implementation of such an item in a commercial kitchen, it would pay for itself in food, wastage, labour, time and energy savings.

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