We recently completed the installation of one of our Pass-Through Tunnel System Blast Chiller/Freezer models at Gate Gourmet’s airline catering production kitchen in Mascot in NSW, where they produce around a whopping 105,000 meals per week.

Primarily to offer the client additional blast freezing capacity, our AFINOX Infinity model also delivers vast versatility with the ability to also Blast Chill product, as well as operate Thawing & Regeneration cycles as required.


As with all of our AFINOX models, they will automatically revert into Preservation Cycles once any cooling/freezing cycle has been completed, to keep the food product at either Chilled or Frozen temperature as required, until staff are available to remove the product.

With a significant scope of works that included concrete scanning & cutting to recess our Blast Freezer floor to the kitchen level, to facilitate ease of trolley movement, and full installation of our AFINOX unit, we were able to offer our customer a full service, with single point of contact, to provide them with turn-key operational blast chiller/freezer.

For More Information on the
100T Infinity Start Tunnel System Blast Chiller/Freezer installed,
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