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I was fortunate to visit the AFINOX factory in Padova, Italy last week, for a tour of their facilities and some in-depth product training on their Blast Chiller & Shock Freezers, which led me to ask the question ‘What is Quality?’

A lot of companies are constantly bantering on about Quality, Quality Assurance, Quality Control, and this by no means excludes yours truly, but what does it really mean, and what does ‘Quality’ really come down to.

Based on what I’ve seen, I’ve tried to break it down to a few key aspects….

Research & Development

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A well-made product is worth naught if there isn’t the meticulous design, planning & development work that has gone into every facet and detail of how the product will be manufactured, and ultimately, how the product will perform its task in the field.

AFINOX has a team of engineers constantly working on their product designs, to not only improve their current products, but also listen to the market, and introduce new products that meet their client’s ever-changing requirements.

Intelligent Manufacturing Methods

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In order to make any product, you need to have smart & efficient manufacturing techniques, but to excel, you need to do it better than your competitors.

AFINOX use a combination of traditional & modern-day methods that enable the timely mass production of their products, whilst maintaining a constant focus on creating a flawless final product.


To create a quality product, you need to use quality materials.

From the grade of Stainless Steel, to the refrigeration & electrical componentry, AFINOX source only the best materials, at economic prices, to ensure that their final product not only meets but exceeds performance requirements, whilst also looking aesthetically pleasing.

Comprehensive Testing

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A manufacturer needs to be 100% certain that each product they despatch is ready to perform properly, and work in the field, and when you’re supplying your products globally, that goes doubly so.

Thus every AFINOX product is put through a variety of thorough checks and tests before it is despatched from the factory, replicating the stresses it will be under when in full use. This includes full data logging for a set period of time, to be able to categorically confirm that the product is fully operational and ready for use by customers.

The Staff

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The products a company produce are only as good as the people they have behind them.


Afinox have created a fantastic working atmosphere, built around team-work & collaboration, where people take pride in working for & contributing to a long-standing family owned company.


I thank all the staff at AFINOX for their hospitality during my tour there, and look forward to returning, and viewing their next advancements forward.

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